All Island Bailiff Services

Serving Nanaimo, Victoria, and Vancouver Island since 1997

Do you need fast, professional bailiff services in Nanaimo, Victoria, and all of Vancouver Island? We provide confidential bailiff services including:

 Repossessions Commercial Rent Distress
 Process Serving
Re-marketing of Assets
Almost everyone has financial difficulties at one point in their life, and we take that into consideration when dealing with debtors. That's why we treat debtors as we would like to be treated ourselves. We are professional and firm with debtors and our clients have consistently received fast, reliable services.

We have a large, secure storage facility for seizures and a resale lot for repossession sales on behalf of our clients.

Our resale location is at 1175A East Island Highway, Parksville.

All Island Bailiff Services in Nanaimo, Victoria, and Parksville is bonded and licensed in accordance with the laws of British Columbia.

Nanaimo 250-756-2353
Fax 250-951-0113

islandbailiff [at]
Box 1312 Parksville, BC V9P-2H3

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